Black Rock


BLACK ROCK: As we all know by now, many Americans are facing a retirement gap: the amount they have saved vs the amount they'll need in retirement. Black Rock had an online tool that advisors can access, but they wanted to make it available to the average investor.

"Have You Seen the Gap?" is a brand activation campaign that would kick off the tool's introduction. Disruptive, breathtaking “gaps” would be projected on iconic buildings at night, starting with the Flat Iron building in NYC, and then moving around the country. (And yes, doubters–we were pricing this out with production companies.)

There'd be a kick-off in Madison Square Park with a pop-up installation, digital displays and demos, and closing night reception with a baby-boomer friendly rockstar (Paul Simon).

We'd keep the city riveted by placing trompe l’oeil gaps all around town where people would instinctively want to close them, such as elevator and subway doors.

We thought out all the surround-sound, including PR and a cover on the Economist.

One major challenge I was able to solve was how to make the tool itself look interesting. This video would be part of all TV, and would use the dotted lines in the graphic to convey the places where one might want to go in retirement, pulling the viewer in and then leading them out of the segment.

Finally, a CRM program and print for the campaign’s second phase, “Here’s the Plan.”