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Crohn's Stalker


CHRON’S STALKER: This campaign was inspired by an actual Crohn’s patient who described his disease as feeling like he’s being followed by a stalker. No matter where he goes and what he does, he’s always preoccupied with the fear of Crohn’s popping up at any moment. We used a visual icon to bring this insight for both Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis (which luckily, also had an "o") to life.

In these banner ads, the face of the stalker appears and addresses the user.

For the rich media banners, when the user clicks "find out now," Google searches her IP address. The banner expands–now the stalker knows where the user is.

We also proposed digital ads with an invisible takeover. Here, an invisible expanded area allows a mini-takeover, so that it looks like the stalker is creeping around the page.

Last, an in-office poster inspires the patient to ask their doctor how they can put their stalker behind bars.