edit and create a page



I will make tutorials to show you how to: create a new page and edit a page, how to duplicate a page and how to add the thumbnail images > based on this new template.

On this first video I will show you how to create a new page and edit it.

To create a page you go to pages menu. On the main navigation tab you will see a plus sign. Click on it and a menu option will pop. Click on the blank page (first option) + add the name of the project and a window similar to this one will appear. That’s where you will start editing your page. If you hover your mouse on the blank page you will see that an EDIT button appears. Click on it and the edit page will open (similar to this page i am working on now). If you hover your mouse to the left side of the lines, you will see a circle that appears. If you click on it, this will represent your menu options with aaaall the things you can add to your page.

The most important edit options are the images, videos, spacers, text box and slideshow/gallery.

Images can be png, jpg and gif. And video must be vimeo or youtube links.

The spacer is a tool that helps you add and remove spaces to your page. If you drag and drop at a place you want, it will add a space. If you drag to the sides and down, you will add space too.

I will show you now how to edit/create a page.