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PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS was losing recruits to tech startups, and wanted to remind young people that there are interesting futures to be had at a big corporate company, too. Shot in NYC and London, all the models are real PwC employees. These ran as print and outdoor.

Value Reporting is a pretty dry subject, but we were able to make a beautiful spot out.

I worked on PwC at Hill Holliday and then freelanced for the company directly. With Morten Smidt as photographer, we created the “The Lessons of Life” for the PwC’s sponsorship of The First Tee, an organization that teaches kids to play golf.

Then I designed PwC’s tent and installations at THE PLAYERS Championship, using The Lessons of Life as the theme.

I designed tons of other collateral such as posters, monographs, brochures, and reports for PwC.