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SIEMENS DIGITALIZATION STORY: My partner and I were hired at Ogilvy to help pull out the existing Siemens campaign (CDs: Doreen Fox and Andrea Scotting) into an engaging digilization capabilities story. The top is a full-page spread in the WSJ.

Next, we suggested that Siemens do a takeover of the front page of Bloomberg online.

The following picture is an airport display demonstrating how the avatars from Siemens Technomatix simulate humans in complex industrial environments so processes can be optimized to be safer and more efficient. As people walk by, their movements are mirrored by the avatar. By engaging with the display, you can see yourself as the avatar by selecting different situations from our case studies such as: power plant, automated automotive assembly line or deep sea oil rig.


Next, banner ads where users are invited to land the Mars Rover. They are given the pick of three or four different tools, “add” these to the Rover and adjust a couple different variables, then press a button to run the simulation. 99.999999% of these simulations crash. A message comes up says “Don’t worry, it took even rocket scientists 8,000 times to figure it out. Want to try again?” There’s also a choice to click “Show me,” which runs through the sequence used to land the actual Rover, and subtly introduces the role of Siemens PLM software.

Ad following illustrates how Siemens Tecnomatix enables industry to simulate reality and make environments safer for people. This banner allows users to choose an avatar and send him or her through a simulation of an industrial situation. They can choose the environment, route and monitor the avatar as he/she attempts an escape route.

To demonstrate how Siemens brings engineering and data together, engineered objects engage on social media. Software facilitates a dialogue between people and the products of Siemens Engineering (such as a wind power generator about to go online, a newly built train engine, a flexible assembly line switching over to a new project, rocket engine preparing for launch, bridge infrastructure dealing with holiday traffic).

And finally: the homepage of the Siemens digilization microsite.